By this point, the baby had sunken eyes

A horror story from the Sydney Morning Herald: a woman got advice from a “naturopath” on how to treat her infant’s eczema.

Over the next two months, police allege Ms Bodnar convinced the mother she could cure her baby’s eczema and made her feel guilty for using steroid creams for her son’s condition.

Ms Bodnar, a former nurse and midwife, convinced the mother it was best to use nothing to allow the baby’s skin to breathe.

She also advised her to go on a “raw only diet” to alkaline her milk to her breast-feeding baby, which would “help heal him faster by eliminating the toxins out of his body”, police allege.

Yeah that’s not a thing, it’s just word salad.

The mother stopped going to the dermatologist and ate nothing but raw fruits, vegetables and seeds.

The baby boy came down with a fever in May 2015, and Ms Bodnar told the mother to go on a water only diet, police allege.

“You’re not allowed to eat anything if you want to see him better,” she allegedly advised the mother.

Police say that the mother was feeling pressure and could not just drink water, so she ate only watermelon for three days.

She felt guilty as she thought she was poisoning her child but felt constantly tired.

When both mother and baby started losing weight, Ms Bodnar assured them it was normal and the baby was fat and needed to lose some weight.

The mother noticed the baby was getting lethargic.

Ms Bodnar allegedly made the mother feel guilty that she didn’t care about his health and was giving up too easily by wanting to give him solid food.

When the baby started vomiting, Ms Bodnar told the mother to stay on a water-only diet and “increased temperature means increased vitality”.

The mother took the baby to hospital after going to a doctor in May 2015.

By this point, the baby had sunken eyes, infected eczema, dehydration and severe failure to thrive.

The baby would have died in a few days had he not been taken to hospital, police said.

Police alleged that, as a result of Ms Bodnar’s treatment, the baby nearly died and might have long-term developmental problems.

All because a “naturopath” was playing at being a real doctor.

It’s enough to make you scream.

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