One of these school bullies

Michael De Dora suggests a thought experiment: imagine the policy positions of the two candidates for president were flipped. Trump had all the Clinton policy positions and Clinton had all the Trump ones.

Yeah. I didn’t have to read on to know the answer. Never. Not in a million years.

I wouldn’t vote for Clinton either in that scenario, of course, but I sure as hell would not vote for the evil lying cheating pussy-grabbing bully.

In this world, I would not vote for Hillary Clinton. But, I would also not vote for Donald Trump.

To be clear, in this election I do support (the real) Clinton, and do not support (the real) Trump. Their policy positions are a significant reason. But what about factors beyond policy positions? Is this election really only about some differences of political opinions?

For me, the answer is clearly “no.”

For me too. It’s those other factors that have grabbed my attention and my horror. He’s the most unrelievedly horrible living person I know of. I don’t know of anyone who actually liked Hitler other than Goering and Unity Mitford, but the Führer is long gone. Among people who are around now, Trump takes the prize.

Up through middle and even early high school, I was bullied. Despite the fact that I was physically larger than some of my bullies, they had a psychological edge. They would engage in endless personal attacks. They would pick on every little characteristic you had, and make you feel horrible about yourself for being the way you are.They would demean and dehumanize you. They would often threaten and encourage physical violence, and sometimes even carry through on their promises.

In hindsight, I know what these bullies sought: power, and perhaps respect (or fear?) from other bullies. They wanted to be king for the sake of being king, for the privileges that came with having power. They were willing to do anything to feel that power, including harming anyone who stood in their way. And they wielded their power recklessly, without mercy.

They had no interest in anything other than themselves and their own standing in the world.

I think back now and imagine that one of these school bullies has decided to run for president of the school government. He presents his fellow students with a lengthy list of policy positions. I read it over and find that I agree on most of his positions, and disagree with most of the positions of his opponent.

Yet, how could I possibly support this person? I agree with his policy positions, sure, but what about him as a person? And I find that the reason I couldn’t support him is the same reason I couldn’t support even a liberal Trump — my respect for basic human decency.

It’s shaming that we have someone like that in the position he’s in. Shaming. Shame on us.

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