A big pile of quids

Oh look, more blatant corruption and conflict of interest – more using the office of president to put more millions in the pockets of Donald Trump or family members of Donald Trump.

Ivanka Trump’s business has won approval from the Chinese government for at least five new trademarks. The approval came just days before President Donald Trump announced he was working on a controversial deal to drop U.S. prohibitions against China cellphone manufacturer ZTE.

Quid pro quo much?

Another trademark was given trial approval. The trademarks grant Ivanka Trump operations exclusive rights to market a variety of products in China that could potentially amount to millions of dollars in profits. Ivanka Trump Marks LLC received approval last year for several other trademarks after she began working in the White House. Three of them were granted the same day she dined with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago.

The applications for the trademarks were submitted over a year ago, and the trademark registrations were accepted May 7. Just five days later Trump announced he was working on a deal to lift U.S. business barriers against ZTE in order to save Chinese jobs.

Filthy enough?

Meanwhile, some 72 hours before his tweet about ZTE, China quietly agreed to loan $500 million to an Indonesian theme park project in which the president is a partner. Chinese banks agreed to loan an additional $500 million to the project.

The non-profit Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, D.C., said the trademark deal again raises concerns about the Trump family’s international businesses and potential conflicts of interest.

Make Ivanka Rich Again.

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