Adults are not permitted

Some months back “Jessica” Yaniv was Twitter-promoting a municipal pool party for teenagers and making it creepily obvious he was being creepy and pervy about it, and then he got suspended from Twitter for awhile and was preoccupied with losing his suit against the women who didn’t want to pull the hairs out of his scrotum. But now! It’s all happening all over again.


THANK YOU to the @CityofSurrey for putting on an All Bodies Youth Swim Pool Party for #LGBTQ youth ages 13-18. Taking place at the Newton Recreation Centre on Nov 10th! All my LGBTQ2 allies please call (604) 501-5540 to show your support! So happy! #Surrey

So I follow the link, and: he’s not making it up.

Youth All-Bodies Pool Party

People's legs in clear blue water.

All bodies! Like for instance this hairless slender white female one right here. But anyway…

All Genders | All Sexualities | No Judgement
Youth ages 13-18 are invited for a fun, free evening swim. LGBTQ2S+ & allies are welcome. The All-Bodies Swim will include the water slide, waves, hot tub and much more.

Kids of 13 are being invited to an all sexualities pool party? Along with much older kids? Is that really such a brilliant idea, even without Yaniv lurking?

Dress Code
Wear what works for you – but remember clothes must be clean and fresh, not the ones you wear to the event and please no denim or shoes in pool.

Please consider the comfort levels of others.

Important Details
For the safety and privacy of youth attending the event, note that parents, guardians and other adults are not permitted. Parents or guardians can drop youth at the front entrance and Youth Engagement staff will safely welcome them into the facility to participate in the All-Bodies Swim event.


Am I wrong in thinking this is a very bizarre thing for a municipal body to be doing? For older teenagers, go ahead, knock yourselves out, but this?

I wonder if they’ll be teaching the kids how to do “breath play”…

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