Blame Mexico

Trump has a weird new cunning plan.

President Trump is moving to impose escalating tariffs on Mexican imports to force that government to take a harder line to stem the flow of Central American migrants into the United States.

So, using tariffs to make the Mexican government keep its people prisoner as opposed to using tariffs in a trade dispute. Isn’t that kind of…nuts? Apart from the whole tariffs a really bad idea thing, I mean? Aren’t they supposed to be about trade and nothing else?

Trump has said he is imposing the tax to punish Mexico for not doing enough to stop illegal immigration. Tens of thousands of Central Americans, mostly from Guatemala and Honduras and usually traveling with smugglers, journey through Mexico each month. U.S. officials say Mexico is not doing enough to secure its southern border with Guatemala or to crack down on the private bus companies that ferry migrants through the country, usually accompanied by their smugglers.

But tariffs aren’t supposed to be a way to punish countries for just any old damn thing, are they? Did I skip school the day they taught that?

The White House has yet to explain exactly how driving up the cost of Mexican goods could stem the flow of migration. Many experts say they believe the tariffs could actually have the opposite effect: If the tariffs damage the Mexican economy, more people may try to cross the border in search of work in the United States.

I guess Trump just enjoys punishing.

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