Dude, go home

I find this perhaps disproportionately enraging. Then again perhaps not disproportionately at all.

Why not just tell her to go home and that she’s a slut for being out in public? Why not tell her to wear a burqa? Why not ask her grandfather what the hell he’s thinking allowing his granddaughter – a GIRL, with an actual VAGINA, and possibly pubescent little BOOBIES – to be in a coffee shop with men and boys around? Why not tell her to her face that she’s a whore and has no business mingling with male people in this whorish manner?

Or why not just say to her: “Oh hi, you are a young female person, a person who is fuckable, that is all there is about you that is of interest to anyone. Female persons are for being fucked by real people, who are male. I am one such person, your brothers are more, your grandfather is another. Why are you here? Are you here so that we can fuck you? I am confused.”

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Updating to add: the photo is an old one; it’s not a photo of yesterday’s creepery.

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