Girlys, wot?

Prepare to be astonished: Boris Johnson is a sexist boor.

Boris Johnson referred to David Cameron as a “girly swot” in a recent cabinet paper, an unredacted version of court documents has shown, prompting condemnation of the prime minister for sexist insults.

During his inaugural prime minister’s questions on Wednesday, Johnson seemed to call Jeremy Corbyn “You great big girl’s blouse” in relation to the Labour leader’s refusal to back an immediate general election.

The other reference dates back to 16 August, appearing in a handwritten note about the idea of suspending parliament for five weeks.

Well you know, girls – they’re weak, they’re dumb, they’re useless. Also they’re too good in school. (Swot is Molesworthish slang for nerd, one who studies too hard.)

The revelation of the latest insult prompted scorn from Labour MPs. The party’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, tweeted: “It’s like this particular cohort of Bullingdon Club and Old Etonians hit their emotional plateau before graduation from Oxford. Johnson and Rees-Mogg in particular see politics as a game.”

Well said Tom Watson. (I like him. We have a mutual friend in the much-missed Maureen Brian.)

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