Guest post: Of course he has

Originally a comment by latsot on Hands.

Of course he has posted a passive-voice notpology about how mistakes were passively made when she was passively “touched” on the “back” in an incident involving a hand, which might or might not be connected to his arm, as opposed to her being deliberately slapped on the arse by his hand, which is what happened. And happened because he thought she was his to use. And because he thought he’d get away with it, because you can grab them by the pussy.

Of course the part of the not-pology about how he is a loving husband and father is not in the passive voice. That part is very clear about how it’s him doing the loving and fathering. “Children were fathered” but “arses weren’t deliberately slapped, by [him]”, apparently.

Of course his lawyers are saying that he didn’t intend to commit an illegal act despite the fact that he committed an illegal act which he fully intended to do. And of course, no mention is made of whether what he did was wrong, just whether or not he intended to do something illegal, which he did.

Of course a lot of people have surfaced to tut at his being “doxxed”, as it is being framed. In a different universe where I wasn’t me I still wouldn’t have had even a tiny speck of sympathy about the doxxing, even if he had come forward without being caught to admit what he had done and apologise in a genuine fashion. Which he didn’t. He waited until someone tracked him down (he was wearing a number and it was on TV) and then communicated his ‘apology’ via his lawyers.

Name and shame.

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