In Palmer Square

White nationalists marching in Princeton:

A white supremacist group — the New Jersey European Heritage Association — plans to host a march in Princeton Saturday, a move that local officials say they don’t condone, but can’t stop.

Now look here – that’s my hometown, and that’s no good. (It’s also quite surprising, because Princeton is frankly very up itself…but then come to think of it that’s probably why they chose it. “Take that, you exurban preppy elleetist snobs.”)

The Princeton Police Department was notified that flyers were posted around town advertising the march, which is happening in Palmer Square. The department will have a strong presence in the area Saturday, Chief Nick Sutter said.

“We want everybody to be able to demonstrate peacefully and (get) their voices heard,” Sutter said. “We don’t want any provocations or altercations to take place.”

Sutter also encouraged any groups or people who may be planning counter-protests to register with the police department so they can obtain a permit and police can ensure everyone has a space.

Fight fiercely Harvard, fight fight fight
Impress them with your prowess, do.

In November, a group held an “It’s OK to be white” march on Nassau Street. Similar racist and anti-Semitic posters have also been found hanging at Princeton University.

The Princeton I grew up in was so genteel about its racism.

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