Wait make that we DON’T withdraw the ad

Double back-flip with walnuts:

The chief executive of Hallmark Cards has apologised for its decision to withdraw television advertisements featuring same-sex couples.

The company’s cable network pulled the ads for wedding registry and planning site Zola under pressure from the conservative group One Million Moms.

The decision drew criticism on social media and calls for a boycott.

Hallmark said it would reinstate the adverts and attempt to re-establish its partnership with Zola.

Ok well next time just skip the part about doing what conservative groups tell you to do, especially ones that call themselves “moms” instead of “mothers” as if we were all six. No but seriously, just ignore people who whine about same-sex marriage. We’re past that.

The original decision to withdraw the adverts drew criticism from a number of high-profile gay figures, including Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Saturday Night Live performed a skit which mocked Hallmark’s decision, concluding with the line: “This is Emily Cringle for Hallmark, reminding you to stay straight out there.”

Nobody wants to be a skit on SNL, not even Hallmark.

The original decision to withdraw the advert was prompted by complaints from a conservative activist group.

One Million Moms is an online project of the American Family Association, which is a long-time opponent of gay rights.

One Million Moms said it had personally spoken to Bill Abbott, who’s the chief executive of Hallmark’s parent company Crown Family Networks.

Moms and Bill and Crown Family – it’s all so cozy.

I guess those million “moms” are feeling pretty spanky and go to your roomy today.

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