And by the way

Some unfortunate on the staff had to transcribe Trump’s words-vomit yesterday so that we could see the full horror without having to watch and listen to the sniffing gasping sneering poltroon.

Let’s have a sample or two.

And we did win.  It was one of the greatest wins of all time.  And they said, “Okay, he won.”  And, you know, I wrote this down because that was where a thing called the “insurance policy” — to me, when I saw the insurance policy — and that was done long before the election.  That was done when they thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win.

And, by the way, Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for millions — millions of dollars — the fake dossier.  And now Christopher Steele admits that it’s a fake because he got sued by rich people.  I should have sued him too.  But when you’re President, people don’t like suing.

That’s some joined-up thinking right there.

Fortunately, for all of us here today and for our country, we had transcripts.  We had transcribers — professional transcribers.  Then they said, “Oh, well, maybe the transcription is not correct.”  But Lieutenant Colonel Vindman and his twin brother — right? — we had some people that — really amazing.

But we did everything.  We said, “What’s wrong with it?”  “Well, they didn’t add this word or that one.”  It didn’t matter.  I said, “Add it.  They’re probably wrong, but add it.”


But in normal times — decades, you would call it; that was a little unusual time; it was for a very short period — the Republicans [sic] Party — Party’s poll numbers and Donald Trump’s poll numbers are the highest I’ve ever had them.  So maybe they were.  It’s no way to get your poll numbers up.  It’s not worth it — because from my family’s standpoint, it’s been very unfair for my family.  It’s been very unfair to the country.

Translated from the Venusian?

We get a shout-out to Lincoln.

And a lot of — actually, a lot of my guys went there.  They went to Iowa.  And a lot of friends went there, and we had tremendous — they say the spirit — the spirit for the Republican Party right now is stronger, I think, than it’s ever been in the history of our country.  I think it’s stronger than it’s ever been.  (Applause.)

And that includes Honest Abe Lincoln.  You know, a lot of people forget Abe Lincoln.  I wish he were here.  I’d give him one hell of an introduction.  Right?  (Laughter.)  But he was — he was a Republican.  Abe Lincoln.  Honest Abe.

Applause applause applause.

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