Kushner lays down the law

He speaks!

But not well. Not well at all. What he says is rather breathtaking.

He does say that, and before he says that, he says, starting at 2:29:

…when we talk about random individuals who don’t have a lot of say or maybe knowledge or who have tried and failed –

Yes, really, Jared Kushner, real estate hustler, called other people random individuals who don’t have a lot of say or maybe knowledge. Amanpour interrupted him where the dash is to say

Jared, he was a negotiator and a former Israeli cabinet minister.

Not a real estate hustler who works for his wife’s father.

He also says, starting at 3:55:

…who do you know that runs a state that when they don’t get what they want they call for a day of rage, that’s not how people who are capable of running a state work…

I know this one. Donald Trump, that’s who. He calls for a day of rage every day, and every night too. Not, to be fair, a general day of rage, a day of rage for him. But he does that more often than he tells the truth, or thanks someone, or eats two scoops of ice cream.

Kushner’s calm confident arrogance is stunning to watch.

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