No YOU’RE the doodyhead

The projection defense:

It is Donald Trump’s habitual practice to accuse political opponents of misconduct he excels at, from self-dealing to the use of nasty language to telling lies.

At the impeachment trial Trump’s legal team has invented a twist on the projection tactic, taking the charges against the president and seeking to turn them back on the impeachment managers, using the precise language of the prosecution.

No you’re the corrupt lying cheating sacks of shit!

Thus Trump’s lawyers have accused the House of Representatives of abusing its power by pursuing impeachment and of obstructing justice by running the impeachment process in a way the White House objects to.

Which is just stupid, but no doubt it will work all the same, because we’re stuck in Stupidworld.

In one provocative example, lawyers for Trump have taken on the Senate floor to accusing House managers of engaging in “election interference” by advancing a process that could take Trump’s name off the ballot in 2020.

Just as a woman who struggles free from a man raping her is committing assault.

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