The hand descends on the shoulder at last

Welp, it’s on.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Tuesday evening that the US House of Representatives will launch impeachment proceedings into Donald Trump, setting up an extraordinary constitutional clash over allegations he sought the help of a foreign country to harm a political rival.

“The president must be held accountable. No one is above the law,” Pelosi said on Capitol Hill moments after 5pm on Tuesday.

After months of resistance amid calls from many fellow Democrats in Washington, Pelosi determined that Trump’s alleged conduct and his administration’s refusal to comply with congressional requests for information and testimony has forced the House’s hand, leaving them no choice but to move forward with a formal impeachment inquiry.

The sharp change of course comes as Democrats from across the party amplified their calls from impeachment after revelations of a whistleblower complaint that the intelligence community’s internal watchdog, Gen Michael Atkinson, deemed credible and an “urgent concern”. The White House has refused to share the complaint with Congress as typically required by law, arguing that the allegations do not fall within the intelligence community whistleblower statute.

With impeachment, from what I understand, it will be harder for the trumpies to refuse to hand over the evidence.

I hope Trump is having a screaming fire-everyone pants-wetting meltdown right now.

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