Real school

Before his car ride Trump did an idiotic video in which he said he’s learned about the virus. It’s a bit late for that! Plus it’s not true, because his very next move was to do his best to infect his Secret Service agents.

In the video, Trump said (seven months into the pandemic) that he’s “learned a lot about Covid” and saying that contracting the virus has been the “real school”, saying “this isn’t the ‘let’s-read-the-books’ school”.

Wrong again, Bozo. Having it teaches you what it’s like for you to have it, but it doesn’t teach you what it is, how it’s transmitted, how to avoid catching it, how to avoid infecting others, and similar important facts about it. Experience can be useful but it doesn’t teach you everything you need to know.

Also: contempt for books and learning is not cute for someone in your job.

Also: doing your best to infect your Secret Service agents is just plain stupid as well as psychotic and evil.

While Trump said that contracting the virus has allowed him to understand the virus, he chose to get into a car with other people even though he is contagious, something that multiple health experts have pointed out puts others at risk.

I want him to suffer.

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