What he would love to see us do

Peak Trans on Billingham:

These two tweets were directed at me during a Twitter spat I had with James Billingham a couple of months ago. Yes, he really is one of those men who presume to adjudicate on what feminism is. I can’t in all seriousness believe he thinks I care what he would “love” to see me do. Rather, I think these tweets were intentionally condescending to me in order to virtue-signal to his followers, who will probably applaud the insufferable arrogance of a man telling a woman old enough to be his mother how she should be doing feminism.

In order to virtue-signal and in order to tell a woman how she should be doing feminism. He loves it – he would love it even if no one applauded.

I am still against anti-feminists in the ‘atheist movement’, as he calls it – especially the ones in Humanists UK, whose numbers are growing. What has happened is that Billingham has joined their ranks as an honorary member of the trans Taliban (hat-tip to Julie Bindel for coining that very apt sobriquet). That he has done so exemplifies why we should be wary of men who self-identify as feminists. Men who genuinely want to support us know better than to do so. If your feminism includes men who talk over women – as they are wont to do – it’s not feminism.

And if your feminism “centers” men who say they are women and bullies women, it’s really not feminism.

Years ago, he was responsible for creating a ‘block bot’ on Twitter, about which Martin Robbins wrote,

The Block Bot started as a tool to create a safe space for women online and turned into a weapon to bully and silence women the community disagreed with.

There’s a great deal more about what a dedicated, persistent bully James Billingham is.

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