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Mishu Dhar

Feb 23rd, 2017 12:18 pm | By

PEN International on Sweden’s refusal of asylum to a Bangladeshi blogger facing death threats:

PEN International, the world association of writers representing members in over 100 countries, has learned with alarm about the imminent deportation of Bangladeshi blogger Mishu Dhar, whose final application for asylum in Sweden was rejected by the Swedish Migration Agency on 17 February 2017. The decision is based on the argument that the authorities in Bangladesh are ”willing and able” to protect Mishu Dhar’s security if he should return.

Mishu Dhar has been blogging under the pseudonym #JuliyasCaesar since June 2013. He publishes his writings online on Facebook and Dhormockery (a satirical website about atheism which extremists have been campaigning for the Bangladesh authorities to ban

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CFI gets the job done

Jun 1st, 2015 8:25 am | By

Here is the big news I’ve been sitting on for

  1. weeks
  2. the past several days

It’s a press release from CFI:

Amid Death Threats from Islamists, CFI Brings Secular Activist Taslima Nasrin to Safety in U.S.

Center for Inquiry Establishes New Emergency Fund for Freethought Writers Threatened by Radical Islamists

The Center for Inquiry has established an emergency fund to assist freethought activists whose lives are under threat by Islamic radicals linked to Al Qaeda in countries such as Bangladesh, where three secularist bloggers have been murdered since February. Outspoken human rights activist Taslima Nasrin, specifically named as an imminent target by the same extremists responsible for the murders of Avijit Roy, Washiqur Rahman, and Ananta Bijoy Das, arrived in

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