The Long Arm of Coincidence

Well that was a coincidence. Maybe there is an Intelligent Designer after all, plotting all our every moves.

I had just read, coded, and posted Julian’s latest Bad Moves, which is about getting your facts wrong, and not noticing or considering that you may be getting your facts wrong, and not pausing to consider that other people may be getting their facts wrong. So the next thing I did was go to Normblog to see what was new there. And what’s the first item on the page? A post about the BBC’s apologising for a story told on ‘Thought for the Day’ that turned out to lack evidence. That turned out to be a case of the speaker’s perhaps having his facts wrong. Made me come over all giddy for a moment, that did. Was the Oh So Smartyboots Designer guiding my mouse-hand? Hell – that means I don’t have free will then. But perhaps I do have an immortal soul. Hmm – which would I rather – free will, or an immortal soul. Hmm, that’s a tough one. Tell you what, I’ll trade you both if I get to keep mind and qualia. Okay? Fair deal?

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