ICA Talk on Troof

So, those of you in or around London have a joyous opportunity to go to a talk on the question ‘Does Truth Matter?’. It sounds like fun to me. I’d go if I were in or near London – if I could scrape together the 8 quid.

Truth has become a nebulous, even unfashionable notion in our contemporary society. Relativism and postmodernism have undermined our belief in the importance and certainty of truth.

On what basis can we now investigate the validity of claims by our politicians – the existence of weapons of mass destruction, for example? Is there still a moral imperative to tell the truth?

Speakers: Simon Blackburn, professor of Philosophy at Cambridge; Stephen Law, lecturer in Philosophy at Heythrop College and editor of the journal Think; Nick Cohen, journalist for the Observer, New Statesman and New Humanist. Chair: Jeremy Stangroom, author and co-editor of Philosophers’ Magazine.

Lucky you – maybe you’ll get to hear Jeremy say ‘No, it doesn’t,’ and giggle.

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