Filthy traitor

Never forget, Islam means ‘peace’ – oh and also ‘there is no compulsion in religion.’ Got that?

Ehsan Jami, a local council member for the Dutch Labour Party and a former Muslim, has been afforded extra protection since Monday this week…The local politician, who also heads a committee established to fight for the interests of former Muslims, was the target of a violent, physical attack outside a supermarket near his home in Voorburg last Saturday…Jami was knocked to the ground and kicked by a group of three men: two young Moroccans and one Somali. During the incidents, his attackers called him a ‘filthy homo’ and ‘filthy traitor’. Mr Jami’s advisor, Afshin Ellian, later pointed out that it was not the first time he had been physically attacked: “He’s also been threatened before, attacked or beaten up, and he reported this to the police too. This is the third time.” Afshin Ellian, an academic and columnist, is also being protected by the authorities.

Heading a committee to fight for the interests of former Muslims – well naturally he’s been attacked three times. Former Muslims aren’t even supposed to exist, so if gangs knock them down and kick them and call them filthy, well they’re getting off easy, that’s what.

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