Catholic church decides sluts deserve cancer

Religion is outdoing itself this week. The good old Catholic Church for instance, always vigilant for the well-being of humanity.

A vaccine against cervical cancer will be given to schoolgirls without them receiving any safe sex advice as a result of a controversial deal struck between the Catholic Church and health officials [in Scotland]…The Catholic Church originally raised objections to the jab on the grounds it could encourage promiscuity, but has made a U-turn after reaching an agreement with health and education bosses. The deal means girls getting the HPV jab will not receive any accompanying advice on the need to use condoms to protect themselves from other sexually transmitted diseases.

Typical. A bogus worry about a bogus guessed-at possibility of a non-problem motivates the church to object to a measure that would protect women against a fatal disease. Healthy sense of priorities they have; sensible view of what matters and what doesn’t. What is ‘promiscuity’ anyway? And what business is it of theirs? What if the vaccine did ‘encourage’ women to have sex with more than one person – so what? Why does it matter? Why does it matter enough to warrant risking their lives by preventing them from getting a vaccination? And why is it up to the Catholic church to intervene? Why do health officials in Scotland have to bargain with the Catholic church at all? Why do they have to ‘strike a deal’?

Health campaigners and parents’ groups last night reacted angrily to the deal, warning that the sexual health of thousands of young Scottish women was being put at risk to avoid a moral backlash from the Catholic Church. Many sexual health experts believe it is essential to give out safe sex advice alongside the jab to make it clear they will remain at risk from other STIs including HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea. More than half of the 5,000 female chlamydia patients in Scotland last year were under the age of 20.

Well it serves them right you see. The Catholic church wouldn’t want them to just get away with it.

The Catholic Church has now decided it will back the programme, with the jabs being available in its own schools. Spokesman Ronnie Convery revealed: “We have been in fruitful discussion with the health and education authorities, and we are satisfied that the programme to be rolled out across the country now is a responsible and ethically appropriate one.”

That’s disgusting. Immoral, presumptuous, intrusive, reckless, and disgusting. Having sex is not of itself irresponsible (unintended conception is irresponsible, but that’s a different matter); obstructing measures to prevent diseases is grotesquely irresponsible. The smugness of this kind of thing becomes unendurable…’we are satsfied’ indeed! Who cares whether they are satisfied or not! It’s not about them, it’s about the girls. Ronnie Convery isn’t going to get cervical cancer, is he, because he doesn’t have a cervix, and neither do any of the other bastards who decide this stuff.

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