Boys’ club

I often wonder why there are so few women mixing it up on atheist sites or running atheist and related sites themselves. Are they all too busy working the double shift, or what?

I thought of one possible reason today, and that is that (to my ever-renewed surprise) lots of men still think it’s hip and funny to be sexist. Then if a woman says it’s not, a lot of them think it’s hip and funny to be sexist some more by way of reply. Then the woman decides she doesn’t want any more of this crap, so she stops visiting the site in question – and it becomes even more of a boys’ club than it already was.

That’s a bad thing, in my view. It repels women from places they would otherwise like to go, and it makes such places woman-free, not because women just aren’t interested in the subject matter, but because (some) women dislike chronic sexism and won’t subject themselves to it. Lots of people would probably say they should just toughen up then – but that’s not it. It’s not about not being tough enough – it’s not about being a sensitive plant, or feeble and whiny, or too good for this world. It’s about just not wanting to deal with stupid mindless retrograde contempt from random strangers.

It’s still the case, or maybe even more the case, that ways of talking that would be obviously outrageous coming from white people talking to non-white people are just routine and ordinary coming from men talking to women. I persist in finding that odd. Lots of people find it not odd at all. This is depressing.

There are a few sites that I used to like but don’t visit any more, just because I don’t feel like getting patronizing crap from idiots who think they get to patronize me because they have penises (one each, as far as I know). That’s tiresome.

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