Don’t get any big ideas

The ‘oh sweet jesus Obama is going to talk to little school children and tell them to sniff cocaine and spread their legs and rob banks help help it’s all such a nightmare’ fuss is too much even for some conservatives. Which is good, I suppose, but it ought to be too much for anyone. It ought to be too stupid and too vicious and too evil for anyone.

Blue Indiana knows why.

Let me proffer the following: there is absolutely nothing that could possibly be planned for students next Tuesday that can even begin to approach the pedagogical and personal benefit of hearing the President of the United States tell you that he believes you can change the world.

Quite. And if that ‘you’ who hears the POTUS tell you that is a child who is not lily-white and not rich and not destined for Yale as a legacy and not related to a former president – then that is ten, twenty, fifty times more true. This isn’t just any President of the United States telling you he believes you can change the world, this is one who would have made people’s eyes bug out of their heads if they could have flashed forward to his inauguration day from forty-five years ago. Bug right out, man. Think about that, and what it says to school children now.

I think he’s made a dog’s breakfast of the health care thing, but then his plans were so small even during the campaign that I never did expect much. But when it comes to sending messages to students, especially students of Other Races and of Small Incomes – he’s like a shower of gold, and it just makes my mind go all every which way to see people determined to fuck that up, for no genuine reason but for sheer lunatic fantasy. Or worse – much worse. The real message they are sending is that Obama is not worth listening to, or is worth carefully not listening to, not because he is a Democrat or a “socialist” but because he is a nigger. The real message is that no matter how talented, dedicated, intelligent, thoughtful, eloquent, and principled you are, even if those qualities get you all the way to being the president of the USofA, we will turn our backs on you, because you are a nigger. There’s a message of hope to give to school children!

Evil bastards.

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