Good-bye frying pan

Well at least Sayed Pervez Kambaksh is free and safely out of Afghanistan. It’s too bad the women of Afghanistan have to stay behind, but it’s good that Kambaksh is out, all the same.

Mr Kambaksh was moved from his cell in Kabul’s main prison a fortnight ago and kept at a secure location for a few days before being flown out of the country. Prior to his departure, he spoke of how his relief was mixed with deep regret at knowing he was unlikely to see his family or country again…Hardline Islamists, including a number of political figures close to the government of President Karzai, have repeatedly called for Mr Kambaksh’s execution and were fiercely critical when an appeal court reduced the original death sentence to 20 years’ imprisonment.

It’s too bad anyone in Afghanistan who doesn’t want to live among bloodthirsty mindless ratbags like that has to stay behind…but still, I’m glad Kambaksh has gotten away from them.

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