In the new order there will be Unity

Just for the sake of keeping track of the twins’ escalating malice and finger-pointing and vindictiveness, let’s have a look at something they teasingly call ‘A Call for Peace in the Science/Faith Battle’ (hahahaha that’s a good one when you see how they go about it). They wrote it in late July, touchingly, for a column at Beliefnet called ‘Science and the Sacred’ which is normally reserved for the boffins at BioLogos.

They start off by saying ‘the supposed “conflict” between science and religion’ is so unnecessary, but they don’t waste much time on saying that because they’d so much rather get down to saying how awful the “New” atheists are yet again. The latest ‘incarnation’ of the conflict is ‘particularly bitter and nasty,’ they say, mopping their streaming eyes. Then it’s down to business.

Today, the conflict pits the so-called “New Atheists”–Richard Dawkins, the science blogger PZ Myers, and many others–against not just conservative religious believers, but many others as well. For the New Atheists are willing to mix it up with anyone, even fellow atheists and agnostics, who question the need to repeatedly challenge the beliefs of the faithful, or to have an ongoing conflict over science and religion.

Who question the need? Hmmmmmmno – I don’t think most “New” atheists feel any need to ‘mix it up’ with people who just question things. Questioning is what the twins don’t do – the twins announce, and then when their announcements are themselves questioned, they ignore the questions and just repeat the announcement about ten more times. It’s at that point that the “New” atheists start to feel like ‘mixing it up,’ or at least, like pointing out how unwilling the twins are to back up their claims when asked.

There is so much important work to do, and in this context, how can it possibly help to have leading scientists and science defenders busy assaulting religious beliefs?

Let’s see…by making some alternatives to religious beliefs more widely and readily available, which would itself do some of that work that needs to be done? That’s how; one how, anyway.

Put simply, it can’t. So we decided to take a stand. It has cost us with some former allies…

Yes you see that’s just it – put simply, you don’t know whether it can or not, and you haven’t made a case, and just saying it – even simply – doesn’t make it so. And what you decided to take a stand on was the legitimacy of atheists saying atheist things, which you want to undermine and do away with, so your stand is a shitty stand, so it’s just too damn bad that it has ‘cost you’ with former allies. Anyway how did you expect former allies to react when you keep pointing your quivering fingers and calling us names in the mass media? With hugs and cups of hot chocolate?

[W]e said it strongly: The New Atheism has become a counterproductive movement, dividing us when we ought to be united…Atheism is a philosophy that goes beyond mere science–a philosophy that its adherents have every right to hold, but that will never serve as a common ground that we can all stand upon.

Note the fascism – we ought to be united. All of us, on everything, so dissident ideas – which divide us – must be stamped out. We have every right to hold the philosophy of atheism but we can’t all stand upon it so despite the every right thing we the all-knowing twins got busy trying to stamp it out just the same because we all have to stand on the same ground god damn it.

The common ground, instead, must be science in its broadest sense–a shared body of facts we can all agree about…

Ah yes – none of that pesky inquiring mind business, none of that testing and re-testing and peer review and trying to falsify and checking for bias – fuck no – science is a shared body of facts and we can all agree about it – in the wonderful Gleichschaltung to come.

The New Atheists, although loud, don’t represent all scientists or even all atheists–much less all of the country.

Indeed not – the “New” atheists, the loudmouth bastards, are a tiny minority, so let’s all get together and bully them. We hate minorities! We hate those god damn dissenting minorities that have the gall to not stand on the same ground with the rest of us! Start collecting your stones.

So all we need is for the “silent majority”–often diffident, often drowned out by the extremes on either side–to get louder.

And then we can drown those horrible dissenting monsters out. Hooray!

Next time you see the news media cover “science versus religion” as if it’s a battle, write or call in and say why that’s simplistic. The next time you find a scientist criticizing religious belief, email or call up and ask why it isn’t enough for us all to agree about the facts of science.

Yup – that’s the ticket – next time you find some atheist scientist talking sciencey atheism, get busy and harass that atheist scientist. Pretty soon they’ll all get tired of it and give up and we’ll have universal religious harmony from sea to shining sea. Doesn’t that sound peaceful?

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