Still here

Jeezis, what a morning. I feel almost a kind of nostalgia for the old calm placid normal-pulse days before last Friday. Ever since then things have been frantic and franticker – but yesterday and then this morning they were frantic cubed. But in a good way. You’ll see why, soon. (When I say frantic – all I mean is that I had to write something quite complicated in a very short bit of time, and that there were other items coming in at two-minute intervals, and that the picture kept changing. I don’t mean invasions or sudden bankruptcy or an army of stockholders coming to tear my liver out. Compared to CEOs of car companies my life is placidity itself.)

So anyway that’s why things went quiet here for awhile. It’s nothing personal. I’m not mad at you.

A kind and imaginative reader and contributor sent me a box of chocolate truffles yesterday. They are from a place called Legacy Chocolates and they are one of the best things I have ever sunk my aristocratic yellow teeth into.

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