Well women are so tiny we just can’t see them

Oooh look, I get to be on a list. Usually when there’s a list, I don’t get to be on it, which is probably perfectly sensible because there are better people to be on it, except when one looks closely at the list one notices that everyone on it is of just one gender, and it happens to be not the one that I am of which, and at that point one begins to wonder, is there a secret invisible subliminal hidden sub rosa unconscious criterion for being on the list that the maker of the list would probably not admit to but that nevertheless somehow just made it be that only people of one gender were good enough to be on the list.

Or to put it more bluntly, which I feel like doing because this kind of thing is getting increasingly on my nerves, is it really that difficult to draw up lists that are not 100% totally all male? Is it really? Is it really that hard for people to remember that there are female atheists too and some of them are well worth listening to or reading?

Because the trouble is (and this is hardly a news flash), the more people go on remembering just the men all the time when lists of atheists are drawn up, the more the women will be ignored and forgotten and the lists will go on being all male and the women will be even more ignored and forgotten and the process just goes on like that forever. I mean, fucking hell! Does this have to be spelled out at this late date? This is well known and has been well known for my entire adult life, and I’m 153. People choose people like them, so everybody else gets overlooked, so people already in a position to draw up lists and invite people to conferences choose people like them and all the other kinds of people just go on being locked out forever. You have to make the effort to seek out people not like you in order to correct for your own bias in favor of people like you so that other kinds of people will get a god damn chance. Is that so hard to understand?!

I beg your pardon. I mustn’t be so vehement. (Or wait, maybe I must – maybe there will be a contest for ‘Most Vehement Atheist’ some day and maybe if I am really really vehement I will get on the list even if the list does not specify ‘Most Vehement Female Atheist’ and then we would know Progress was Being Made.) It just did seem pathetic that a guy drew up a list of most vocal atheists of 2009 and every single one of them was a guy and he apparently hadn’t even noticed until commenters pointed it out. Come on.

Never mind, commenters did point it out, and they were sweet and astute enough to mention me among other people when they did it. But still it seems pathetic that it has to be pointed out. Yo, dude, could you really not think of even one woman worth including? Seriously?

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