Describing the births of grandchildren

Yesterday the hatred of women reached a new peak in Congress.

House Republicans vented their rage against Planned Parenthood on Friday, voting to block all federal financing for the organization, which they accused of profiting from the sale of aborted fetuses for medical research. It was unclear, however, if the vote would mollify conservative lawmakers who have threatened to force a government shutdown over the abortion issue.

Neither the Planned Parenthood bill, which passed 241 to 187, nor a second anti-abortion measure approved on Friday has any chance of becoming law because of opposition from Senate Democrats and President Obama. But the deep emotion expressed by Republican lawmakers during debate underscored the challenge facing party leaders in the days ahead.

And the name of that deep emotion is: hatred of women.

Democrats said Planned Parenthood provided crucial health care services to women and men and accused Republicans of engaging in baseless attacks on the organization, with the larger aim of trying to limit a woman’s reproductive choice. Republicans in Congress and in several states have begun investigations into Planned Parenthood.

Women must be kept helpless slaves of their own reproductive organs.

Many Republicans tried to put the debate in starkly emotive terms — describing the births of grandchildren, the planned adoptions of orphans and ultrasound images of fetuses in the womb.


Mr. Boehner said Democrats were not acting in good conscience. “Those who would deny the weakest among us the right to life are on the wrong side of history,” he said in a statement.

But they’re not among us; that’s the point. They’re inside women’s bodies, and if the women don’t want them, that’s up to them. It’s not up to Congress.

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