In the vegan food scene

Women at the University of Toronto: look out.

The University of Toronto has increased its campus police presence following violent online threats against women and feminists — though a Toronto Police investigation has not identified a “credible threat.”

The university warned students and staff about the threats on Thursday, although critics say it hasn’t done enough to inform those at risk about the specific nature of the threats.

The threats were posted in the comments section of the site BlogTO on September 5th.

The University of Toronto warned its students, faculty and staff about the threats on Thursday and said it’s working with the Toronto Police Service and Peel Regional Police to find out who is behind the anonymous threats, made by someone using the screen name “KillFeminists.”

The Toronto police cyber crime unit is investigating the threats. No credible threat has been identified so far, but the investigation will continue.

Campus security has also increased patrols, the university said.

“We take these threats very seriously and want to ensure that we have a safe campus community,” U of T said in its memo.

David Futrelle has a screengrab of the threats via Twitter.


They were just talking about vegan food.

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