It will lobby governments to accept its point of view

Welp, that’s over.

From the Times again:

LONDON — Amnesty International has approved a controversial policy to endorse the de-criminalization of the sex trade, rejecting complaints by women’s rights groups who say it is tantamount to advocating the legalization of pimping and brothel owning.

Well, women’s rights groups…who cares what they say.

At its decision-making forum in Dublin on Tuesday, the human rights group approved the resolution to recommend “full decriminalization of all aspects of consensual sex work.” It argues its research suggests decriminalization is the best way to defend sex workers’ human rights.

While other people’s research suggests otherwise.

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women has argued that while it agrees with Amnesty that those who are prostituted should not be criminalized, full de-criminalization would make pimps “businesspeople” who could sell the vulnerable with impunity.

Amnesty’s decision is important because it will lobby governments to accept its point of view.

Oh well, it’s only women.



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