No foreign travel for Cosby

Cosby has been to court for his arraignment.

Judge Elizabeth McHugh ordered him to surrender his passport and to avoid contact with Ms. Constand.

Judge McHugh concluded the proceeding after about 15 minutes by saying, “Good luck to you, sir.” He replied, “Thank you.” He will remain free on bail of $1 million.

Mr. Cosby then headed to the Cheltenham Township Police Department to be fingerprinted and to have a photographs taken. A small gathering of people outside shouted, “You’re a monster” and “Shame on you” as he walked into the station. He said nothing.

I’m wondering if this will play out the way the OJ Simpson case did. The other day at the local branch library I happened to see a shiny new copy of Jeffrey Toobin’s book on the Simpson case and decided to read it. It brings it back…the disgust of watching the defense turn it into a (parody) “civil rights” case, while the domestic violence aspect just slipped away. The disgust of watching that actually succeed.

My guess? I don’t think it will. Cosby’s defenders, if he has any, are keeping a very low profile.

There was no Larry Wilmore show in 1994.

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