Of course, this is hardest for Geoff in this moment

Azeen Ghorayshi, who broke the Geoff Marcy story on BuzzFeed, now reports that faculty and students at Berkeley are steaming.

The astronomy faculty at the University of California, Berkeley, released a statementlate on Monday saying that famed astronomer Geoff Marcy should no longer be a professor at the university.

“We urge the UC Berkeley administration to re-evaluate its response to Marcy, who has been found in violation of UC sexual harassment policy,” the 23 faculty members said in the statement. “We believe that Geoff Marcy cannot perform the functions of a faculty member.”

They’re pissed off that the university has done nothing about Marcy.

Grad students and postdocs want him to be put under restrictions.

“The University’s failure to impose meaningful consequences on Geoff Marcy — offering instead vague threats of future sanctions should the behavior continue — suggests that Berkeley’s administration values prestige and grant money over the well-­being of the young scientists it is charged with training,” they continued.

Doesn’t it sound just exactly like Randi talking about Shermer? “If he does it again, I might have to speak sharply to him” sort of thing. But he already has done it again; why is it always jam tomorrow?

The graduate students were particularly upset over the leadership of the department’s interim chair, Gibor Basri. On Saturday, Basri sent out an email to the department.

“This has been a day of drama and difficulty for many of us, each in our own way and with our own context,” Basri wrote. “It is hard to process for those who know Geoff well.”

“Of course, this is hardest for Geoff in this moment,” he continued. “I ask that those who have the room for it (now or later), hear him out and judge whether there is room for redemption in all that will transpire.”

Ohhh…wow. Hardest for Geoff. You incredible fucking asshole.

They include a pointed tweet by Katie Mack at that point:

Katie Mack @AstroKatie
In case you’re wondering if the rest of the e-mail somehow makes things better, no. No compassion for victims.
12:00 AM – 10 Oct 2015


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