The Ansarullah Bangla Team has put out a new hitlist. Taslima’s name is at the top.

The group reportedly put up a list of 14 names of bloggers and writers on social media on Sunday, which includes several Bangladeshi writers who are now living abroad.

Taslima Nasreen has been living in the United States after threats to her life. She was moved to the US in May this year by the Center for Inquiry (CFI), which had said Nasreen was the ‘next target for murder by Al Qaeda-linked extremists’.

Apart from Nasreen, , other bloggers and writers on the terror hit list are Farjana Kabir Khan and Asif Mohiuddin who are currently in Germany, and Arifur Rahman and Santanu Adib who are in the UK.

I know Asif, too.

Some of these names had also appeared in a previous hit list issued by Ansarullah Bangla Team in September, in which the militants had called them ‘enemies of Islam’ and threatened to kill them if their citizenship was not cancelled.

Taslima tweeted:

taslima nasreen ‏@taslimanasreen 14 hours ago
Islamic killer group Ansarullah Bangla Team made a new hit list. My name is on the top of the list. 😱😫😡


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