Rock on

The BBC alerted me to the music photographer Emmanuel Wino who took snaps at the Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan before the massacre started.

Mr Wino says that before the attack, the theatre was full of smiles that should not be forgotten.

As a result, he decided to share pictures of the Eagles of Death Metal on his Facebook page.

Wino was among seven or eight photographers taking pictures of the concert.

He was in the bar next to an emergency exit when the shooting started, so he got out safely without even seeing the killers. At first he wanted to forget the whole thing, but then he changed his mind.

“I wanted to remember the smiles and the rock and roll, and that we were all there to party,” he said.

He decided to publish the photographs on his Facebook account, for all to see and use. The photos are of a happy crowd, arms in the air, smiles on their faces.


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