Tasteful Jack the Ripper souvenir items for your collecting pleasure

Or you could just take a shortcut and go to the Jack the Mutilating Murderer of Women “museum” shop’s page. That tells you all you need to know about this “museum.”


There’s a wine glass for £8.00, the shot glass we’ve already seen for £6.00, a “latte glass” for £7.00, a mug gold-rimmed for £10.00, and the poshest of all –

That’s an investment, that is.

There’s a t shirt for £14.00 and a top hat for 45. Oddly, I don’t see any shawls or ragged dresses or women’s shoes with holes in them.

There are keyfobs (key rings to us Yanks) and a pen, but there’s no long knife. We know the murderer used a long knife, because of the way the uterus was removed with one deep slice, so why isn’t there a Jack the Ripper long knife for sale?

There is a whistle though. That’s appropriate.


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