They are sold in exchange for a bottle of Pepsi

The Peshmerga took Sinjar back from IS on Friday, but the Sinjar that remains is shattered.

In Sinjar, Islamic State focused more on destruction than governance. In the aftermath of the Sinjar offensive, fresh Islamic State atrocities are coming to light. An officer of the Kurdish regional government forces known as Peshmerga confirmed that a mass grave with tens of bodies was found Saturday near the city, filled mostly with old women and some old men.

Just like the Nazis. The “selection” at Auschwitz and elsewhere was the same way: select out the people who can be fucked or worked or both; kill the old and the very young.

Meanwhile, more than a thousand Yazidi women have been kidnapped, according to the United Nations, and community leaders say many remain Islamic State slaves.

“Our girls are still imprisoned by Daesh,” said Mr. Ali, referring to another name for the terror organization. “They are sold in exchange for a bottle of Pepsi,” he said of dealings among the militants.

Walking vaginas, that’s all they are.

The militants not only killed and terrorized Yazidis, but turned their Sunni Muslim neighbors against them. Some Yazidis said their Sunni neighbors, who they considered friends, looted Yazidi houses and joined Islamic State in killings.

A few Yazidis said neighbors taunted them by text message or phone calls, daring them to return to the city.

Now Yazidis harbor bitter feelings toward Sunni Muslims, whom they accuse of either helping Islamic State or doing nothing to stop the damage.

You can see how that would cause bitter feelings.

An hour’s drive from Sinjar, at the Bajet Kandela refugee camp where at least 10,000 people are packed into tents, the suffering is a daily source of anger directed at Arabs. One of the Yazidi refugees, Barakat Garais, said he won’t forget and he won’t forgive his former Sinjar neighbors.

“Yazidis hate the Arabs for what they’ve done,” said the 35-year-old. “We can’t trust living next to them.”

IS goes on winning even in defeat.


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