An extended discussion with their homeopath

But we mustn’t say that anti-vaxxers are wrong or that homeopathy is bullshit, because that would be Elitist and Wrong.

One of the attractions of homeopathy is the inclusiveness it offers patients, in contrast to the perceived exclusivity and elitism of medicine and science. Participants are welcomed and can engage in an extended discussion with their homeopath. They are able to develop a longstanding relationship with an individual who gets to know them personally and offers supportive guidance. Consider this in contrast to the doctor’s surgery, often over-subscribed, where patients may be required to wait up to two weeks for an appointment.

I think it would be great if people could get to see doctors more promptly, and if doctors could spend a lot more time talking to patients – but that’s not a reason to embrace homeopathy. Of course “participants” (aren’t they supposed to be patients? seeking treatment?) are welcomed and can engage in an extended discussion with their homeopath. Guess why that is! It’s because the homeopath has nothing else to do. It’s all just magical handwaving, so there’s no need for an examination or a look at the patient’s history, so there’s all the time in the world for a nice long chat. Nobody really needs a homeopath, either, so they can schedule an hour or two for each patient participant.

We don’t really want or need “inclusiveness” from our doctors, apart from the obvious basic inclusiveness of accepting us as patients. We want competence and a working knowledge of medicine.

Corbyn’s critics’ attempt to reinforce the perception that believers in homeopathy are ignorant is divisive political rhetoric and an attempt to discredit a progressive political figure.

It also helps to reinforce the perception that science and the methods that it applies are elitist and exclusionary.

They are “elitist and exclusionary” in the sense that we can’t just pick them up by reading the odd magazine. There is an accumulated body of knowledge behind medical science, and it takes time and effort to learn it. The result is that doctors can quite often fix what’s wrong with you, and that’s a good thing. It’s an improvement on the days when the remedy for most things was bleeding, which tended to kill people. Amateurism isn’t useful in medicine. Sorry to be so elitist not really sorry.

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