Approaching a woman in a confident, easy going way

Today’s trending jackass is an Australian “dating expert” called Dan Bacon, who wrote an expertise-filled piece on how to make some bitch take her fucking headphones off and let you try to get in her pants. It’s full of quite startling delusion (or dishonesty). Like:

Some women like to test to see how confident a guy is by ignoring his attempts to converse with her and then seeing what he does next.

Does he become nervous and awkward? Does he walk away in shame, or does he remain calm and continue talking to her in a confident, easy-going manner?

If a guy gives up at the first sign of resistance, a woman like her will lose interest because he lacks the type of confidence that she looks for in a guy.

He’s very keen on confidence as the way to get a woman to stop doing what she’s doing and pay attention to him instead. Beware of these common mistakes:

3. Not leading the conversation

If a shy guy stands in front a woman and is lost for words, she’s most likely going to just put her headphones back in or say, “Nice to meet you. Bye” as she walks away to get away from him.

You have approached her, so you can’t expect her to be the one making all the conversation. You’ve got to lead the way.

Leading a conversation with a woman is not about bossing her around, being arrogant or being too assertive as you talk to her. Instead, you simply need to remain confident and keep the conversation going in a relaxed, easy going manner.

4. Sticking to polite or reserved conversation

If a guy gets a woman to take off her headphones to talk to him and then only engages her in a polite, reserved conversation, she’s probably not going to be very enthusiastic about talking to him for long.

So, make sure that you have the confidence to talk to her and be real. Just let your natural personality and sense of humor come through as you talk to her in a confident, easy going manner, rather than trying to be too polite or reserved.

I trust you’re getting the hang of it? Don’t be polite, be confident and easy going and let your sense of humor (which it goes without saying is killer) come through. Women love that. A little confident, easy going explanation goes a long way, too. Ask her what she does, and when she tells you, explain it to her.

Also you have to understand about who does what. It’s hard-wired, you know. That’s science.

As you may have noticed, women usually don’t go around actively approaching men in public places or even in bars or clubs.

Women know that is the man’s role to be confident enough to walk over and talk to a woman he finds attractive, so they have a chance to meet. If he doesn’t do that, a woman will rarely walk over and talk to him first.

So, don’t ever think that you’re doing a bad thing by approaching and talking to a woman in a confident, easy going way.

Most single women are open to being approached by a confident guy, so that they can have a chance to meet a potential new lover or boyfriend.

Right. There’s no chance at all that the reason they’re not actively approaching you is that they don’t want to approach you – no no, it’s that their mating-wiring tells them to stand very still and wait for you to approach in a confident, easy going way.

And in conclusion –

The key to talking to a woman who is wearing headphones (or who has her face buried into her smartphone and checking Facebook) is to be confident, relaxed and easy going as you talk to her.

Of course, not all women who wear headphones are open to being approached or hoping to be approached. However, you can only find that out by starting a conversation and seeing what happens.

Who knows, she might just be your perfect girl, so go ahead and talk to her.

Yes! Never hesitate to interrupt and bother a woman. Women are public property, after all, so if you see one you want to talk to fuck, interrupt and bother her! It’s your right!

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