At long last, men speak up

It turns out that the real oppressed groups are the ones who have always had privilege and suddenly have it taken away. Who knew?

“I actually feel like women are taking over the world,” says Ishwar Chhikara, a 36-year-old investment officer at an international development bank, citing statistics showing more women now have college degrees in the US than men. He says this laughing, but with no audible irony.

“I feel bad for men, especially those who don’t go to school, or study. The whole system is changing drastically with the coming of the information age. It’s not about strength anymore, it’s about the brains.”

While muscles at the center of an economy made the physically stronger sex have more power, Chhikara isn’t so convinced with the switch-up.

“It is a positive thing from a woman’s perspective, from a man’s perspective I don’t know.”

Like all men interviewed, Chhikara does not deny the historical presence of male privilege. That presence is what makes its loss harder, he says.

“It’s because of this sense of entitlement. If you are brought up understanding there is an inherent favorable bias towards men, and that is taken away, it isn’t easy.”

Ahhh – no, it wouldn’t be. Poor guy. Conversely, if you are brought up understanding there is an inherent hostile bias toward women, and that is not taken away…well then you’re a selfish castrating bitch, I guess. So nobody wins. (Do correct me if I’m wrong about the hostile bias still being with us. Did it disappear overnight? Have I simply not noticed yet?)

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