Boko Haram triggers famine in Borno state

Meanwhile Boko Haram, as always.

Suspected Islamist Boko Haram militants have ambushed a UN humanitarian aid convoy in north-eastern Nigeria which had a military escort, officials say.

The military said three civilians, including UN staff, and two soldiers were wounded in the attack.

It has prompted the UN to temporarily suspend aid deliveries in Borno state, where more than two million people have been displaced by the insurgency.

The UN says thousands of children are severely malnourished in the region.

Emphasis added. Boko Haram wants thousands of children to starve to death.

Doubtless thousands of adults are also malnourished and in danger of starving to death.

Earlier this month the UN’s children agency warned that tens of thousands of children would die if treatment did not reach them soon.

So Boko Haram’s response is to make the UN suspend aid deliveries. No more food aid for the starving people of Borno.

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