Exactly what they need

A public post by Hassan Radwan three hours ago:

I’ve run out of words to express my feelings about terrorist attacks such the one in Nice last night. My condolences to the victims doesn’t seem enough. The world seems so very dark. But we have to find a way of defeating the lunatics. Yes there are many ingredients that go into making a human being commit such a horrific slaughter of innocent people, and yes I know these people latch on to extremism as a way of vindicating their own hate, twisted world view and mental disorder, but let us as Muslims at least do our bit in confronting one of the ingredients, which is without doubt the exclusivist, supremacist & dehumanising ideology that “It’s my way or the highway” – “I’m right you’re wrong – so go to Hell!” The misfits, unstable and hate-filled losers find such a simplistic supremacist ideology exactly what they need to justify and give expression to the sickness in their soul. There is no place for exclusivist religion in the 21st century. You cannot live in peace with your fellow man in the pluralistic world of today if you truly believe that your work colleague, neighbour or shop assistant deserves to be eternally tortured in Hell for not believing as you do.

That belief, to our great misfortune, isn’t inert. It goes dormant at times, in places – but it can’t be guaranteed to stay dormant at all times in all places. That belief is the firstborn child of monotheism, and it’s a lethal poison. It’s not the only lethal poison of its kind, but it sure as hell is a big one. We have to do our best to make it go dormant in all places at all times.

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