There’s a petition urging Congressional investigation of Trump’s massive conflicts of interest. It includes a useful list:

Here are the examples of potential corruption that have emerged just since Nov. 8:7,8,9

  • Trump’s children have a role in the presidential transition, despite claims that they will take over the Trump business from their father.
  • Ivanka Trump attended a meeting with the Japanese prime minister and reportedly joined a phone call between her father and the president of Argentina.
  • A long-stalled Trump project in Argentina mysteriously got the green light to move forward days after that phone call.
  • Trump reportedly used his meeting with British politicians to push them to block offshore wind farms that he believes will sully the view from his Scotland golf courses.
  • Indian real estate developers bragged about meeting with Trump post-election and expanding their work with him now that he has the power of the presidency.
  • Trump paid $25 million to settle charges that he defrauded students of Trump University.
  • News broke that immediately before the election Trump launched eight mysterious companies to build luxury real estate projects in Saudi Arabia.
  • Foreign diplomats told The Washington Post that they would deliberately book rooms at Trump’s Washington, D.C. hotel in order to curry favor with the president
  • Government ethics experts who served under Republican and Democratic presidents have agreed that Trump’s potential conflicts of interest might be unconstitutional
  • The U.S. Secret Service might pay millions of dollars to rent two floors in Trump Tower to protect him and his family, with Trump pocketing the proceeds.
  • Trump praised his Turkish business partner, who had butted heads with Turkey’s government, in a phone call with autocratic Turkish President Erdogan.

I didn’t know the Argentina project had been given the green light. I didn’t know about the eight companies to build luxury projects in Saudi Arabia.

Time to sharpen the Google and begin work.

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