Full stop to all brutal killings

Another one. Barry Duke at the Freethinker:

Nikhil Chandra Joarder, inset, who was hacked to death by at least two attackers outside his shop at the weekend, may have been killed for making derogatory remarks about the ‘Prophet’ Mohammed several years ago.

The IS-affiliated Amaq news agency is quoted here as saying:

Elements from the Islamic State assassinated a Hindu in the city of Tangail in Bangladesh by stabbing him to death. He was known for blaspheming the Prophet Mohammed.

In 2012, local Muslims had filed a complaint with police against Joarder, who owned a tailoring shop, for making derogatory comments about the “Prophet”.

Charged with hurting religious sentiments, he spent three weeks in jail, but the trial did not proceed “after the complainants withdrew the charges,” Abdul Jalil, police chief of Gopalpur sub-district, told AFP.

I get so tired of living in a world so full of murderous children. We’ve had more than enough time to grow up by now – it’s just childish to think it’s meaningful to complain about “derogatory comments about the ‘Prophet,'” let alone killing people over them. Childish. It’s like having a huge tantrum because someone doesn’t like your favorite sitcom character or comic book warrior. “The Prophet” is just a story, and a nasty story at that; let it go. But no: we have people to small to have a sense of proportion about their favorite stories but plenty big enough to hack people to death with machetes. I get so tired of it.

Muslim-majority Bangladesh is reeling from a series of brutal attacks on members of minority faiths, secularists, foreigners and intellectuals in recent months, including two gay activists and a liberal professor in the past eight days alone.

Bangladeshi protesters in Dhaka demonstrate on April 29, 2016 against the killing of a university professor days earlier in the capital.

More grownups, fewer angry children with machetes.

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