Jews may not receive a permit

I saw a ridiculous item on Facebook yesterday, comparing Obama urging reform to gun laws while surrounded by children with Hitler urging reform to gun laws while surrounded by children.

Our friend Stewart found and translated an item from the Deutsches Nachrichtenbüro, 21 March 1938.

A new weapons law.

Berlin, 21 March. In the latest edition of the Reich law gazette a new weapons law is announced which was recently decided upon by the Reich government and which replaces the defensive weapons law of 1928, as well as a series of weapons directives from the emergency period.

The new law is the result of an examination of the weapons law in order to see which relaxations could be made in the current legal situation in the interests of the German weapons industry, without endangering the maintenance of public security. The pre-condition of any relaxation of the current weapons law must naturally be that the police authorities remain in a position to prevent without hindrance the acquisition and possession of weapons by unreliable persons.

The obvious fundamental point of ensuring that weapons are not possessed by enemies of the people and the state, as well as other elements that pose security risks, will be taken care of in the new law by enabling the police to forbid such persons from acquiring, possessing or using weapons of any sort. As this makes it possible to forbid any ownership of weapons considered undesirable by the police, it was possible to permit, among other things, a relaxation of the restrictive directives, in order to permit an improvement of conditions which would benefit the economic situation of the public in general and particularly that of the German weapons industry and the workers employed in it.

Thus, the acquisition of weapons will in the future only be possible with police permission, as far as pistols or revolvers goes. The necessity to obtain a permit to purchase ammunition is no longer in force.

The restrictions on the free circulation of cutting or thrusting weapons dating from the emergency period are, for the most part, rescinded.

In other ways, too, the law contains a series of relaxations compared to the current law. Of the many other new points, one should mention the basic prohibition on selling weapons or ammunition to those under 18 years of age. In addition, the granting of a permit for manufacturing or acquiring weapons will be linked to being of German nationality, to personal reliability and to functional aptness. Jews may not receive a permit.

The provisions of the new law, which goes into effect on the 1st of April this year, are supplemented by a comprehensive set of rules by the Reich Minister of the Interior, which has also been published in the Reich law gazette.

“Deutsches Nachrichtenbüro”, 21 March 1938

Not quite what Obama is suggesting.


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