Let him leave the country

From the Raif Badawi Foundation:

As of today, we received from a private source the sad news concerning the fact that the Saudi government will resume the lashing punishment against M. Raif Badawi.

Our source is the same that informed us about the first 50 lashes M. Raif Badawi received in a public place on January 9, 2015. Our understanding of the information is that another series of lashes punishment will take place this time inside the prison.

We kindly ask the Saudi government and we pledge the Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Nayef Al Saoud, first deputy Prime minister and minister of interior and the Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane Al Saoud, second vice premier minister, to stop the inhuman punishment. At the same time we ask them to deprive M. Raif Badawi of his Saudi Citizenship and let him leave the country for Quebec (Canada) and be reunited with his family.


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