Loophole closed

Dawn reports:

LAHORE: A First Information Report (FIR) registered against the nominated killers of social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch was transformed into a non-compoundable FIR on Monday, police said, making it impossible for Qandeel’s family to pardon her killers.

A senior police officer investigating the case told Dawn that Sections 311 and 305 of the Pakistan Penal Code had been added to the FIR.

Advocate Balak Shair Khosa, while talking to Dawn, said the addition of these sections was a welcome step.

“There cannot be an agreement [after this]. These sections were created to end karo-kari. Now that they have added them to the FIR, the victim’s family cannot forgive the killers as the state has become a complainant. It will be taken as a murder against the state.”

No doubt angry Islamists will take to the streets to protest this outrage.

Qandeel, who was a model and an actress, was strangled to death in her house in Multan’s Karimabad area in the early hours of Saturday. Her father claimed that she was killed by her younger brother, Waseem, in the name of honour.

Waseem, accompanied by police, confessed in a press conference that he had drugged and strangled his sister, adding that the motive behind the murder was that “she brought dishonour to the Baloch name” due to risque videos and statements that she posted on social media.

It’s interesting that they don’t think murdering a sister can bring dishonour to the Baloch name. It’s interesting that they think twerking is a capital crime while murder is an honorable good deed. It’s interesting that love just doesn’t come into it at all – the basic norm that family members should love each other, at least enough not to murder a sister for being sexy on Twitter. The whole warped morality gives such a hideous, bleak picture of life in such a family.

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