Oh that? On her neck?

Oh hey gee what do you know – there’s a huge bruise on Samia Shahid’s neck. Maybe she grabbed herself by the neck when she had her “heart attack” or was it her “asthma” attack.

Police in Pakistan investigating the death of a 28-year-old British woman have confirmed a bruise was found on her neck after her death.

Samia Shahid’s husband claims she was murdered in a so-called honour killing.

There was a 7.5in (19cm)-long mark around her neck below her right ear, police said.

Meanwhile, her first husband has been granted “pre-arrest bail” and is expected to offer himself for interview, according to police.

The move means he cannot be arrested in connection with her death, for an as yet unspecified period.

Well that must be pleasant for him. Not so pleasant for her, but hey, she was just a woman.

Meanwhile in the UK, two people, including a relative of Ms Shahid, have been bailed over alleged threats made to MP Naz Shah.

The arrests were made after the Bradford West MP said she was looking into the death of Samia Shahid, 28.

West Yorkshire Police were questioning a 32-year-old woman, a relative of Ms Shahid, and a 37-year-old man.

If women would just do what they’re told, there’d be no need for all this threatening and murdering.

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