Peter Walker reports:

Went today to the LaVoy Finicum site on Hwy 395 to see what’s happening. An ongoing source of tension and anger. The memorial has been toned down. William C. Fischer of Idaho and a local friend watch it 24/7 from an adjacent legal (if symbolically problematic…) campsite. They told me they’ll stay until a permanent solution is found. They want the memorial set back off the road with a few parking spaces and a path to access the memorial from the camp. Being set off the road is key: others don’t have to see it. Possibly better than leaving it as a festering source of anger, potential conflict, and recruiting. Would require federal USFS authorization.

They want a “memorial” on public land for a guy who was part of a criminal seizure and occupation of more public land, carried out by heavily armed men who threatened violence for weeks and did tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Why the hell should there be a memorial to him on public land?

Those flags are a joke, given the criminals’ attitude to the actual government of the actual country.

“Don’t tread on me” doesn’t mean “give me the public land.” Get out.


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