Sahil and Aman John

CNN tells us about some of the children who were killed in Lahore on Sunday.

It was a treat for passing their exams.

Twelve-year-old Sahil and his cousin Aman John, 13, had been studying hard for weeks. Their parents had promised them an Easter weekend trip to a popular park, with amusement rides, a lake and a zoo, in the Pakistani city of Lahore.

But the family outing ended in tragedy, according to CNN affiliate GEO News. Sahil and Aman John died in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, where a suspected suicide bomb blast killed 72 people Sunday.

Seventeen of those killed were children.

Sahil and Aman John were among the children confirmed to have died. Two other children in their party were injured.

“My son was hurt here,” Aman John’s father told GEO News, pointing to the back of his neck.

“My nephew Sahil was also hurt right there. It’s just that the bleeding wouldn’t stop.”

Crowds of mourners surrounded the body of Aman John as his coffin was brought to his neighborhood in Lahore, where a memorial was held in a church. He was buried in a Christian cemetery.

“He was a brilliant student, and this isn’t just one family’s loss,” one of the mourners said.

“It’s a loss to our people, to our entire nation.”

Aman John, 13, was killed in the suicide attack at the Lahore park.

That’s Aman John.

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