She may just be tired of the misogyny

Irene Young on Facebook a couple of days ago:

There is criticism this morning that Hillary Clinton did not smile enough last night during the NBC Commander in Chief forum. I have a 2-part comment about this.

First, Trump NEVER smiles and is NEVER personable, yet there is no mention of it.

Secondly, I say this not just in response to this campaign, but because of my 40 years as a pro photographer in the independent music business with over 600 CD covers to my credit. It is just a fact. I have seen and heard it a million times. If men don’t smile in their photographs, it’s considered cool and strong. If women don’t smile, even if the photograph is stunning, the feedback they get from friends and family is usually, “Why aren’t you smiling.” In other words, why aren’t you “Sugar and spice, and everything nice?”

Don’t get me wrong, an openness in photographs is wonderful and powerful, and I love it. However, there simply is a double standard. Hillary Clinton probably does not keep a constant smile for many reasons. First of all, she is taking this race very seriously. Secondly, she may be getting fed up with the email questions over and over and over, and over, and over. Thirdly, she smiles when it is appropriate, not just for show. And lastly, she may just be tired of the misogyny, but she cannot say it. I am saying it for her, because I am with her, because I am for America.

Another possible reason: she knows very well she would look idiotic if she smiled every second, because she’s not running for Clown or Hospitality Officer or Cheer Up Everbodyer or flight attendant or ┬áserver or Giggler-in-chief. She’s running for a very serious grown-up job, and she has to be serious some of the time. She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

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